Would you like to contribute to PMIx?

We’d love it! One of the explicit goals of the PMIx community is to actively engage users, third party researchers, ISVs, hardware vendors… pretty much the entire HPC community. So if you’ve got some ideas, we’d love to hear them.

The PMIx community has a few focus areas:

  • the PMIx Standard. Contributions to the Standard usually take the form of proposed modifications or requests for clarification of one or more portions of the published document. Equally welcome are proposals for new extensions to the Standard. The PMIx Standard Governance Rules describes rules for participation and making changes to the PMIx Standard. The governance document includes instructions for how to raise questions about the standard as well as how to propose changes to the standard.

  • the PMIx Reference Implementations. The latest implementation details can be found on the OpenPMIx site.

  • the Working Groups. The working groups meeting to discuss a details related to the Standard, and to explore new uses of PMIx or refinements to existing capabilities.

The PMIx community has several methods of communication:

  • Mailing list: The list isn’t as heavily used as the other methods, but we do post announcements there and many of us monitor it for questions and comments

  • PMIx Standard Issues for posting questions or comments via the Github repository.

  • Meetings for general Standard discussions and Working Group sessions for more focused sub-topics.

Next, you should look through the source code — get a Git clone of whichever area(s) interest you. PMIx is an active development effort — it is usually better to work with the most recent development version of the repository than the last stable release (especially for new projects). Contributions are submitted via pull requests against the target repository on Github. All commits must contain a “Signed-off-by” token in the commit message. This constitutes your agreement with the PMIx Contributor’s Declaration.

Here are several typical forms of contributions to PMIx:

  • Request clarification (e.g., open a new issue on the Standard repository) or suggest corrections to the Standard using either an issue or proposed new text in a pull request,
  • Modify existing components for new functionality or performance enhancements,
  • Suggest new functionality to the PMIx community.

Enough talk — we look forward to your participation!