The PMIx community consists of a consortium of industry, government, and academia members spanning the general HPC arena, specifically focused on orchestration of application launch and execution. The community arose out of shared concerns for both issues associated with scaling of machines to ever increasing size, and the ability to support the growing wave of innovation in the HPC programming area.

The PMIx Standard is governed by an Administrative Steering Committee (ASC) comprised of representatives from a consortium of research, academic, and industrial organizations. The ASC shall consist of one representative from each Member organization, as defined below, and shall perform the following functions:

  • Define the mission of the PMIx Standard.
  • Plan release timelines for versions of the PMIx Standard.
  • Vote on all issues requiring community consensus (e.g., acceptance of proposed modifications to the Standard), one vote per Member organization. In addition to voting on proposed modifications, the ASC can be requested to vote on any issue submitted by a Member for consideration.
  • Assemble working groups to address specific areas of interest to the community.
  • Nominate and approve the appointment of individuals to fill the role of Release Manager for each release of the Standard

The ASC is led by two Co-Chairs responsible for organizing and conducting the quarterly meetings. Co-Chairs may vote on behalf of their organization subject to the one vote per Member organization limit. Co-Chairs are elected from amongst the ASC members during the first meeting of each calendar year and serve for a period of two years, with seats filled on alternate years – i.e., one seat will be elected during the first meeting of each even year, and the other seat will be elected during the first meeting of each odd year. There is no restriction on the number of consecutive terms a given individual may serve – however, it is expected and desirable that the positions rotate amongst the Members.

Current community members include (in no particular order):

Intel (Ralph Castain) IBM (Josh Hursey)** NVIDIA (Artem Polyakov)
LLNL (Kathryn Mohror*, Stephen Herbein) LANL (Howard Pritchard) ORNL (Thomas Naughton)
Stony Brook Univ (Anthony Curtis) UnivTenn-Knoxville (Aurelien Bouteiller) ARM (Dirk Schubert)
Altair (Mike Karo) Perforce (John DelSignore)  

* Co-Chair (even year), ** Co-Chair (odd year)