DataStore Abstraction Framework


PMIx stores two types of data: (a) data posted by application processes (typically for exchange amongst their peers), and (b) data posted for lookup by others (typically used for rendezvous purposes). The former type is supported by the put/get operations, and the data is stored on each node in a shared memory area to facilitate access by local clients with minimal footprint. This proposal provides a framework capable of supporting multiple storage implementations (thru a common abstraction interface) for the latter type of data.


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Requirements include:

  • reliable – data cannot be lost
  • scalable – for both publish and lookup
  • key-value oriented, with string keys and arbitrary data for the value
  • support heterogeneous environments

A detailed description of the proposed change. The length and degree of detail should be commensurate with the magnitude of the change. This is not intended to be burdensome, nor are there any awards for verbosity – but clear communication will avoid repeated requests for alterations. The description should indicate what is being modified, both functionally and by file name.

Protoype Implementation

Provide a reference link to the accompanying Pull Request (PR) against the PMIx master repository. If the prototype implementation has been tested against an appropriately modified resource manager and/or client program, then references to those prototypes should be provided. Note that approval of any RFC will be far more likely to happen if such validation has been performed!


Ralph H. Castain
Intel, Inc.
Github: rhc54