PMIx Support for Storage Systems


Exascale systems expect to access information that resides in an array of storage media, ranging from offline archives to streaming data flows. This “tiered storage” architecture presents a challenge to application developers and system managers striving to achieve high system efficiency and performance. Multiple vendor-specific packages have been developed, each with its own unique API and associated data structures. However, this results in a corresponding loss in application portability and increased cost of customer migration across procurements.

These API and attribute definitions are based on recognition that gaining multi-vendor agreement on common interfaces and data structures is a difficult and long-term objective. Thus, this RFC proposes a more flexible approach that allows vendor independence by defining an abstraction layer for passing storage-related requests and directives based on PMIx APIs and data structures.





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Protoype Implementation

Provide a reference link to the accompanying Pull Request (PR) against the PMIx master repository. If the prototype implementation has been tested against an appropriately modified resource manager and/or client program, then references to those prototypes should be provided. Note that approval of any RFC will be far more likely to happen if such validation has been performed!


Ralph H. Castain
Intel, Inc.
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